Jared Miller

As a figurative artist for over fifteen years, I am driven by the natural architecture of nature and the beauty of the human form.  I continue to share their offerings with my art through the study of texture and light. 

My paintings and drawings begin as a toned canvas or paper. I carefully pull the lights out using a subtractive method to reveal the subject, similar to a silver print emerging in a developing tray.  This method is immediate and gratifying because I can manipulate the composition and form early on in the creative process.Type your paragraph here.

Thought provoking, bold and strong is how I best describe my finished work.  Artists such as Caravaggio and De La Tour have inspired me to take their use of chiaroscuro and tenebrism to develop my personal style which I call “magic realism”.  Magic realism incorporates the high contrast between light and dark in addition to using motion, unfocused and focus elements throughout the composition.

As a visual artist I speak through my work.  I tell stories with snapshot-like in the moment imaginary like polaroids of the past.  My goal is to create dynamic work that stands the test of time, technically and aesthetically.